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product against infertility in men and women.

Sterility or infertility is now a serious problem for young people. The man just like the woman, proves difficulties in having a baby. It all starts when the couple decides to have a baby. When after several attempts, nothing comes, the big trouble begins to hover and questions are placed on both sides. Where does the problem come from? Of the man or the woman? However, it is necessary to make analyzes in order to be able to know the cause of the problem and to run behind the drugs to be able to cure.
What drug or natural product to treat infertility? or what natural product to fall quickly fat or have pregnancy?
All these questions lead men or women to research on the internet or in pharmacies or herbal therapists to find a natural product against sterility or infertility. We offer here natural products without side effects to treat your infertility for many years. These products are herbal extracts, very natural to quickly have pregnancy, to increase the number of sperm, to improve the quality and quantity of your sperm, make your ovaries healthy and productive.

infertility in men and women

The causes of infertility in humans may be considered by the semen analysis. This analysis leads to determine sperm count and measure microscopic mobility. This analysis can lead to observe the following cases:
. Low sperm production (oligospermia) or no sperm (azoospermia) or dead sperm (nécrospermie).
. A sample of normal sperm counts but on the low mobility or asthenospermia.
These deficiencies in humans may be aggregated in some cases, in this case we speak of oligoasthénotératospermie or OATS.
The causes of male infertility is recognized when the sperm and testes show some anomalies.

  • Testicular anomalies: the testes do not produce sperm properly due to certain causes toxic in the body; malformed testes (undescended), varicocele (varicose veins of the spermatic cord and scrotum).
  • Abnormal sperm: sperm abnormal free flagellum, headless or acrosome, motionless, unmoved.
Difficulties for the sperm penetrate the egg during fertilization. Some pollutants or chemicals in the environment may also be factors of infertility in humans (causes endocrine). 


Medicals formulas
  • Support for products containing vitamin c.
  • Hormone replacement therapy: some of these causes of infertility can be overcome by hormonal treatment and / or surgical
  • Artificial insemination (male sterility)
  • In vitro fertilization (infertility in women and men)

Natural Formulas.  Treatment by plants
The natural formulas have been used to overcome problems of infertility in men as in women. This treatment method is used in Africa and has advantages  on the duration of treatment that is short and also products used are natural risk-free guaranteed side effects or complications. This method of treatment by natural formulas is now used worldwide for causes beneficial of the plants. Doctors often recommend natural formulas that are inexpensive that surgery with all its attendant consequences on the body.
If you do not suffer such a malformation of the body that requires surgery, in this case, we recommend that you use natural formulas. We advised for patients and they found satisfaction.
We sell 2 types of products against sterility or infertility: OVUPLANT ®(infertility in women) and SPERPLANT® (infertility in the man).

beneficts of ovuplant against infertility in women

  • Rich in vitamin c
  • No effect on diabetes .
  • Washing the tubes and improves production and quality of eggs
  • Improves the quality of eggs
  • Improves sexual activity in women

beneficts of sperplant against infertility in men

Rich in vitamin c
  • No effect on diabetes
  • Improves the quality of hormones
  • Increase semen volume and improves the quality and mobility of sperm
  •   Improve male virility

1 Pack, ovuplant = 50 Euros

1 Pack, sperplant = 55 Euros

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[infertility in the human couple
various clinical examinations in an infertile couple
treatment of infertility

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Our natural products are guaranteed without risk of side effects or complications. These are purely natural products without mixing with a chemical.

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