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The most important factors involved in the development of obesity are consumption and energy expenditure.
Daily energy intake is the sum total calories from food in the heart of the day. The energy intake of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins should be controlled. When the body receives more than it spends, it retains some form of fat in the body. What causes obesity. To avoid this, we also need physical effort (walking, sports, physical activities of any kind).

Regarding food, the amount of sugar consumed is not the only criterion, the quality (glycemic index, whole versus refined sugar) also plays a role: the oils are cold pressed, for example more favorable than refined oils (extracted in hot weather, which eliminates much of the beneficial contributions, including anti-oxidants and, or with solvents), and more favorable than saturated fats.
They can sometimes paradoxically contribute to obesity. Indeed, poor diets (low in protein and too restrictive promote loss of muscle mass, which is directly linked to metabolism. After the bad diets, there is slowing of metabolism and accelerated recovery of weight. These poor diets are deficient primarily protein intake.

The contribution of heredity is gradually better known. 6-7 genes are involved in monogenic forms of obesity. Causing genes involved in the production by adipocytes of leptin, a hormone (protein) acting on the central nervous system control of appetite and energy expenditure.
There are also factors such as physical inactivity reduced physical activity due to transport development, new technologies (television, computer, remote control, etc..) Artificial air conditioning and heating which do not cause significant energy expenditure in adipose tissue, weakening the thermoregulatory system and modifies the basal metabolic rate.
Pharmaceuticals also can cause obesity. Contraception (oral, intradermal injection or per device).
We must also mention of psychoactive drugs such as antidepressants and so on.
We need to adopt healthy behaviors to prevent weight gain. 
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The solution is herplant ® the weight loss diet, losing 10 pounds in 30 days
Herplant ® is herbal tea for slimming, that is associated with a simple regime  to allow you to lose pounds quickly.
If you only want to lose 3 or 4kg , you just have to adopt this regime for 7 days.
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Herplant, is an herb effective for weight loss, a plant with appetite suppressant properties and slimming. Herplant is an African plant used by hunters to overcome periods of starvation. This product has slimming properties and is very remarkable to lose weight. This product to lose weight quickly, maintains satiety and preventing fat storage in the body. It contains a principle called hydroxycitric acid which decreases the production of cholesterol and triglycerides and reduces the conversion of sugars into fatty acids, thereby reducing appetite.
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herplant is the best weight loss product in an efficient and fast .

This diet for weight loss burns body fat successfully.
herplant is a very effective herbal tea that acts only on body fat. herplant is associated with our diet simple and low in calories. You lose naturally more than 10 kg in 30 days without depriving yourself. This herb slimming is purely biological.

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herplant® works really well and gives you good results. The best way to enjoy the virtues of herplant is to properly follow the rules and do not stop for a week of treatment. With our diet you can lose over 10 kg in 30 days. With herplant® you lose your weight once and for all.
This product for weight loss is guaranteed 100% natural with no side effects and does not require a prescription before use .

herplant ® is shown to any person of any age. It is only prohibited for pregnant women.

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I lost 15 kg in 6 weeks without penalty. I am very pleased with this natural diet because since 1 year I haven't taken again those pounds.
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